Service for heat detection

Or how

To manage reproduction to increase conception rates

To reduce the interval between calving, inseminate at the right moment and optimise the fertility and productivity of the animals, the HeatLIve® solution is ideal! A real help to manage your heard as you have all the information on hand to identify if the animal require particular attention for reproduction.

The HeatLive® sensor

he Medria Axel® Medria sensor placed on the animal’s collar, measures and records activity and sends the data to Medria Box®. The collar is placed on the cow about 3 weekds after calving. It is the same sensor as used for the FeedLive® service for detecting nutritional disorders.

Detection reliability

greater than 90%

With sensibility greater than 85% and almost perfect reliability the HeatLive® is the most effective solution on the market for heat detection.

Algorythms adapted to

animal categories

Whether for cows or heifers, dairy or suckler cows, the HeatLive® adapts to your herd management to improve your reproduction results and meet your needs for information.



Knowing if a cow has a regular cycle is very useful. This information is sent to you by text as «cycled heat» format. You can also follow the ciclycity on the Farmlife® curve diary.

Detection of animals

with problems

Anomalies in restarting cycles, prolonged luteal phases, ovarian cysts, etc… the HeatLIvee® also detects animal whic have reproductive problems so that they can be examined. You will find the list of animals with problems on Farmlife®.

HeatPhone® usage cycle

Placing the Axel® sensor on the animal


Association of the sensor with the animal

Recording of animal movements


Creation of a reference belonging to each animal

Significante variation in the animal’s activity


Prediction of heat

Activity characteristic of heat


Confirmation of heat

Consultationof the activity curves


Display of the animal’s data

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