2021 for the suckler cows !


Suckler breeders don’t have the same needs, expectations and technical model of production than the dairy breeders. That’s why Medria doesn’t want to do a simple transposition of the dairy services to the suckler services. Since 2 years, we worked to set special algorithms concerning Heat’Live® and Vel’Live® for suckler cows. This make it possible to achieve remarkable heat detection performances.

Managing your herd has never been so easy!

Detect heat and calving: everything you need in one sensor

Suckler solution specification

  • The only heat detector especially set for suckler cows
  • Vel’Live® : the simplest calving detector on the market
  • A multi-services sensor
  • Services valorized during the whole year, even in case of grouped calvings

Simplicity, Serenity, Security : that’s why breeders will equip their cows

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