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Breeding and wellfare monitoring service

Time' Live®

New look to your animals

Time'Live® brings a new look to animals, with completely new indicators of their behavior. Essentially, the 24-h time budget represents the net response of a cow to her environment. The rest-time is particularly important. Benefits of resting include: potentially greater milk synthesis due to greater blood flow through the udder, increased rumination effectiveness, less stress on the hoof and less lameness, less fatigue stress, and greater feed intake. TimeLive measures every 5 minutes the position (standing / lying down) of the cattle and the associated activity (ingestion at the trough, pasture ingestion, rest, over-activity, inactivity, rumination ...). It generates the fine time of an animal or a group of animals day and night.

The timetable is not limited to giving the accumulated time spent doing an activity in the day but recording the frequency and sequence of different activities to highlight points to improve in the management of animals (cows too long standing, ingestion too weak at night ...). Scientific studies show that a well-respected "schedule" is synonymous with well-being but also with profitability.

The Feed'Live® is only available in the Farmlife® bouquet

The FarmLife® bouquet offers you alerts and indicators to control your flock continuously, because with a single sensor you can follow reproduction, nutrition, health, well-being ... So you do not have to ask the collar once in the animal's life, and the full services follow each other cleverly throughout your cow's career and help reduce your mental load: less stress, no management of a material park. different sensors ...

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