Service for detecting nutritional disorders

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To manage nutrition to optimise feed efficiency

The feed ration is the basic element in the tecnical and economic performance of the livestock farm. To optimise your herd’s nutrition, to moitor feed transitions ad to maintain optimum production conditions, Medria has designed an innovative solution. The FeedPhone®  provides ingestion and rumination data in a form of daily indicators and delivers early detection of nutritional and health disorders.

The FeedLive® sensor

The Medria Axel® sensor measures and records activity on the animal’s collar and sends the data to Medria Box®. This is the same sensor as used for the Heatlive® heat detection service.


of the measurement

Wih 9 statistical readings every 5 minutes the FeedLive® provides high resolution monitoring of ingestion and rumination times of the last 24 hours compared with the average times over the last 7 days. These measurements have been qualified and validated by French National research institute INRA.

Two indicators / ingestion

and rumination

The FeedLive® is the only service on the market to measure online both ingestion and rumination time. It determines the free mothod, from the trough or out to pasture and enables you to anticipate and quickly crrect dietary imbalances. With the bar graphs, curves and texts you can identify at a glance the animal with abnormal dietary behaviour.

Management of groups

and animals

With the FeedLivee®, you can create several groups of animals on Farmlife® to monitor the dietary behaviour of different categories of animals. You can optimise nutrition depending on the requirements of the groups: start of lactation, end of lactation, etc., locate risky situations and provide corrections quickly.

Cycle d’utilisation du FeedLive®

Placing the Axel® sensor on the animal


Association of the sensor with the animal

Measurement of ingestion and rumination times


Creation of a reference belonging to each animal

Detection of abnormal or at-risk dietary behaviour


Dietary behavioural disorders

Consultation of curves and indicators


Display of bar graphs and the animal’s data

Clinical examination of the animal or correction of the feed ration

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