Cows speak#17 : Milk Fever

News24/11/2021Santé/Bien être

Multiple health events following calving

A few days before calving, this animal with a high body condition score saw her rumination time dropping.

Following the calving detected by Vel'Live, the farmer received an alert of a drop in rumination: the cow had a milk fever. After the vet's visit, the farmer was able to follow the animal's good remission with a rumination time that increased significantly.

Two weeks later, the farmer again received an alert about a drop in rumination. After diagnosis, the animal showed severe ketosis. Once again, the effectiveness of the measures was palpable through a rapid recovery of rumination.

Finally, one month after calving, another health problem occurred with mastitis, which the farmer treated with a rapid and lasting recovery of rumination.

The farmer was therefore able to identify, treat and monitor the successful remission of three health events impacting on his animal. Forty days after calving, the cow was producing 35 litres of milk, a little below her potential.