Medria® Solutions

Based in the West of France, Medria® is a company, founded in 2004, specializing in surveillance and control solutions for cattle health. The company designs, produces and sells sensors and associated software solutions (Heat'Live®, Feed'Live®, Time'Live®, Vel'Live®, Heat'Adapt® and Grass'Live® services) for livestock use. It develops in France and international.

Medria® is the result of a consortium between :


It is separated into two distinct entities:

  • Medria® Solutions, based in St Berthevin (West of France ) is responsible for marketing in France and Europe, as well as after-sales service
  • New Medria®, led by ITK (South of France), is in charge of R&D, design and development of new services, and marketing outside Europe.

The most efficient eMonitoring solution for all farms

Medria develops and provids livestock farmers with indicators and services with high added value for the management of their livestock farming:

  • Detect day and night animals to help you intervene at the best time.
  • Anticipate risk situations by providing qualified indicators to monitor their evolution.
  • Optimize the performance of your different batches of animals by ensuring their good behavior, health and by identifying as soon as possible the need to correct the ration (quantity, fibrosis) or to take care for health (mycotoxins ...).
  • Save time and serenity by reducing the monitoring strain.


    Medria throughout the world

    Medria® is growing in most milk producing countries.