Breeding management service

Heat' Live®

Heat monitoring approuved by breeders

To reduce the calving-calving interval, inseminate at the best time and optimize the fecundity and productivity of the animals, the HeatLive® solution is ideal! It is a real aid to the management of the breeding, it is a precious help to identify the animals which require a particular attention for the reproduction: heats, absence of cyclicity, abnormal superactivity ...

Benefits :

  • Knowledge of the onset of heat to inseminate at the right time
  • Reduction of monitoring strain
  • Decrease in the calving-calving interval
  • Highlighting problem animals (cysts, Mastery of cyclicity...)



The Heat'Live® is available in the Farmlife® bouquet and outside

The FarmLife® bouquet offers you alerts and indicators to control your flock continuously, because with a single sensor you can follow reproduction, nutrition, health, well-being ... So you do not have to ask the collar once in the animal's life, and the full services follow each other cleverly throughout your cow's career and help reduce your mental load: less stress, no management of a material park. different sensors ...

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