Pasture enhancement service

Grass' Live®

The grazing monitoring tool

In the middle of the grazing season, it is essential to have reliable benchmarks and measurements. The connected collar allows you to track the time spent grazing. Grass'Live® is the sixth service integrated into the FarmLife® package. The Grass'Live® service is a grazing monitoring tool based on measurements made from the connected collar, the accelerometer sensor (Axi sensor). This service makes it possible to identify the days and time of grazing use of a group. Every day the service will estimate the time spent grazing the day before and enter it on a calendar. This calendar will therefore be generated automatically and can be consulted via the mobile application.


The calendar is made up of shades of green. The greener the day considered, the longer the animals grazed during the day. Grazing time is rounded to the nearest hour. The model used to identify whether animals are on pasture and the time they spend there is based on the ingestion at the feed trough and the ingestion at pasture of the animals in the group.