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The FarmBox® automatically collects data from different sensors for delivery to Medria® servers where they are processed and delivered via the FarmLife® web and mobile interfaces. The Farmbox® is connected to the internet network of the farm or the 4G network. Our consultants assist the farmers in setting up the connectivity of their farm. The Medria® device uses the LoRa (short for long range) technology, offering a long range of communication between the base and sensors up to 1 km (0.62 mi). The animals can be monitored in building as in pasture. In case of network failure, the sensors have a 5-day memory to secure the continuity of service.

Medria Solution connects your stall

Our consultants install the most suitable system to connect your stabultaion to the Internet. Beyond the use of the FarmBox, it also allows you to access the Internet for other connected devices: camera ...

FarmLife®, to consult your data

FarmLife® is the web and mobile application on which the data of your farm are configurable and consultable at any time: animals / batch alert, graphics, system status ... With FarmLife®: Consult your information and be alerted in real time via the dedicated mobile application or website. Benefit from regular changes in FarmLife® without extra cost. Save time, all your animals and milestones (calving date, AI ...) are automatically integrated into the system.