MedriaSolutionsHerd monitoring

Farmlife Bouquet: Enter in the new era of monitoring!

The same sensor, 6 services to follow-up your animals 24/

The bouquet includes all the services necessary for the overall monitoring of the whole herd: calving, reproduction, nutrition & health, driving & well-being, heat stress and pasture. With the FarmLife® Bouquet offer, you only have to put the collar once in the animal's life, and the services follow each other cleverly throughout your cow's career. This helps to reduce your mental load: less stress, less manipulation of animals ...

Do not buy your sensors anymore, just pay for the service!

If you equip 100% of your herd, Medria® puts the sensors at your disposal as part of the FarmLife® Bouquet you only pay for the services to the animal.

  • Because every cow counts: a surveillance 24/7 at all the key moments of the life of your cows.
  • A single sensor for all services: you will not need to change the sensors from one cow to another, it is a real simplification of daily monitoring.
  • Sensors are provided: no material concerns
  • Significant pricing advantage and limited cash advance: service financing as ROI increases
  • Access to permanent changes and new services