MedriaSolutionsSuckler herd

The heat and calving detector for the suckling herd

Managing your herd has never been so easy!

All in one sensor

It is the same sensor for the detection of heat and calving. It is simply placed around the animal's neck. The algorithm specific to suckler cows analyzes the capacities and detects both heat and calving.

>> A suitable offer for suckler cow system

>Equipment Offer

One sensor, two alternative services: Vel'Live or Heat'Live. Possibility to switch from a service to the other one, at any time, troughout the year, just by a phone call !



> Suckler Farmlife Offer

Sensors are enstrusted for free. Conditions : 50% of the suckler cows must be equipped with sensors. All services access: Vel'Live, Heat'Live, Feed'Live.



The simplest calving detector of the market


The only heat detector especially set for the suckler cows


Health and feeding indicator (feed intake and rumination)