Calving detection service

Vel' Live®

New concept for calving detection

The Vel'Live service is a new concept of calving surveillance, with which the breeder no longer has to worry about equipping his animal with a specific sensor or another. The animal is equipped with a multifunction collar at the beginning of  its career and services (monitoring of reproduction, calving, health disorders, welfare, nutrition) are automatically linked according to its physiological status, known through the automatic exchanges of livestock data. Animals are constantly monitored, both in the barn and in the field, without the farmer having to worry about equipping them or associating a dedicated sensor with a service. In later versions, Vel'Live, through the implementation of algorithms derived from artificial intelligence, will adapt to each farm in which it is used to optimize its performance. The more the farmer uses it, the more precise it will be by accumulating data specific to the behavior of farm animals

Benefits :

  • Serenity
  • Detection via the multifunction collar - no additional cost
  • Continuous evolution and adaptability of the breeding service
  • Decreased mortality

The Vel'Live® is only available in the Farmlife® bouquet

The FarmLife® bouquet offers you alerts and indicators to control your flock continuously, because with a single sensor you can follow reproduction, nutrition, health, well-being ... So you do not have to ask the collar once in the animal's life, and the full services follow each other cleverly throughout your cow's career and help reduce your mental load: less stress, no management of a material park. different sensors ...

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