Nutrition Measurement Service

Feed' Live

Manage nutrition to optimize herd performance

The quality of the ration is the basic element of the technical and economic performance of the livestock. To optimize the feeding of your herd, monitor food transitions and maintain optimal production conditions, Medria has designed an innovative solution. Feed'Live® provides daily indicators of ingestion and rumination at the individual and group level. It allows early detection of eating disorders and health. It is very complementary to the Heat'Live® service and will confirm that a female is in heat by checking that the animal has a drop in intake and rumination

The Feed'Live® is only available in the Farmlife® bouquet

The FarmLife® bouquet offers you alerts and indicators to control your flock continuously, because with a single sensor you can follow reproduction, nutrition, health, well-being ... So you do not have to ask the collar once in the animal's life, and the full services follow each other cleverly throughout your cow's career and help reduce your mental load: less stress, no management of a material park. different sensors ...

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