Service for detecting calving

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To reduce mortality and enhance calving

Calving is a key moment in the life of your lifestock farm. Medria has created a particularly innovative and effective solution to optimise monitoring your calvings with peace of mind. With the Vel’Phone®, you receive texts which will be enable you to monitor the preparation for calving and be there at the right time. You will improve your results with more live calves and fewer post-partum complications.

The Vel’Phone® sensor

The Vel’Pone sensor is a vaginal thermometer fitted with different inserts depending on the animal categories. It measures and records the temperature and sends the data to Box Medria®.


of calving

By inserting the vaginal thermometer several days before calving you can follow the temperature development day after day and receive a calving prediction text. So you have the time to place the animal in the best conditions so that calving goes as well as possible.


of the detection

As the thermometer is expelled with the amniotic sac you know exactly when calving starts and can leave the animal to labour and then intervene at the best possible time in order to make the calving process secure and to administer first aid to the calf as quickly as possible. You can schedule the text alert wich suits you better: instantaneous during the da and slightly deferred during the night.


of use

Insertion of the thermometer is easy and can be done by yourself. Once the thermometer is in place all you have to do is to wait for the texts for which you ave selected the reception conditions on Farmlife®.

Vel’Phone®usage cycle

Thermometer inserted into the animal

Thermometer temperature rises


Activation of the thermometer

Characteristic variation in the animal’s temperature


Calving expected within 48 hours

Expulsionof the thermometer by the amniotic sac


Epulsion of the thermometer

Start of calving

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