Cows speak#15 : Pasture


Do my animals behave differently on pasture?

On this suckler cow farm, the animals have been on grazing for a few days. Changes in behaviour can be seen thanks to Time'Live:

  • Animals that adjust their intake in relation to the light (the cattle ingest 80% of the quantity during the day)
  • A significant herd effect: the animals ingest and then lie down all at the same time
  • A drop in rumination compared to ingestion (Feed'Live data)

(copie 1)

A month earlier, in a building with a mixed ration, we found a different profile:

  • The animals ingested with more stability throughout the day
  • The herd effect is much less marked in the activities (except at night with the trough empty)

(copie 3)

Overall, the grazing animals will therefore base their activity more on light and find herd behaviour. In terms of feeding, the greater richness of young grass and its lack of structure lead to a reduction in rumination time compared to a mixed ration.